Checking Kubernetes Config Connector Logs

If you have been using Config Connector, you already know how critical it is to be able to know what is going on. This is reality of working with Kubernetes, with its declarative, idempotent, eventually-consistent and self-healing model: intended things don’t happen immediately. They happen eventually. Therefore, checking Config Connector logs is critical to knowing what is going on.

To check the logs using kubectl logs use:

kubectl logs cnrm-controller-manager-0  --all-containers --namespace=cnrm-system

You can add -f parameter to stream the logs:

kubectl logs cnrm-controller-manager-0  --all-containers --namespace=cnrm-system -f

and explore more kubectl logs parameters with the cheat sheet.

If you would like to check the logs from the UI, follow the following steps from Kubernetes page:

Checking Config Connector logs from Google Cloud Shell UI
Checking Config Connector logs from Google Cloud Shell UI

Choose cnrm-controller-manager workload to view the pods, pick cnrm-controller-manager-0 pod, then click View logs.

From here you get taken to the log viewer where you can filter, view, export and download the logs.

That’s it! Going forward, we’ll explore more topics on this, including exporting your metrics to Prometheus.

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