GitOps with Terraform, Config Connector and Config Sync

platform admin workflow

in collaboration with Scott Suarez Terraform, Config Connector and Config Sync can be used together to automate and scale end-to-end GCP deployment workflow, for multiple teams and on multiple environments. This post will first explain the Platform Admin and the App Deployer roles and responsibilities. It will then provide a simple example of using Google … Read more

How to Provision Config Connector with Terraform

KCC cluster with Terraform

This post will show, step by step, how to provision Config Connector with Terraform. If you are new to Config Connector, start with Why Kubernetes Config Connector. Also, since the time this blog started, the project matured, went GA on GCP in early 2020 and now has extensive documentation on GCP. If you already have … Read more

GCR Image from External Kubernetes

Pulling GCR image from external Kubernetes with Config Connector

Let’s say you use Google Cloud Registry (GCR) to store your images. If you are running your workloads on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) that is in the same project as GCR, you should have access by default. GKE clusters are created with read-only permissions for Storage buckets. However, what if you are not running Kubernetes … Read more

Checking Kubernetes Config Connector Logs

Config Connector logs

If you have been using Config Connector, you already know how critical it is to be able to know what is going on. This is reality of working with Kubernetes, with its declarative, idempotent, eventually-consistent and self-healing model: intended things don’t happen immediately. They happen eventually. Therefore, checking Config Connector logs is critical to knowing … Read more

Anthos Config Management and Config Connector

Anthos Config Management works together with Config Connector

In the past several posts we looked at Config Connector for Kubernetes. With Config Connector you can create GCP resources, like Spanner or PubSub, using declarative K8s model. In this post we will show how Config Connector works together with Anthos Config Management (ACM). Why ACM? In all the examples before, we actuated GCP resources … Read more

Workload Identity with Config Connector

In the previous post, we discussed how you can use Config Connector to provision isolated and secure workspace for your teams. For each of them, we created a team Kubernetes namespace, which we then linked to a team GCP project. We configured permissions on the namespace, so that each team can create K8s resources. Likewise, … Read more

Provisioning Multiple Teams with Config Connector

Provisioning multiple teams with Config Connector

With Config Connector you can initialize your Google Cloud resources in the same way you’re provisioning your Kubernetes workloads. As we explain this concept to organizations, we see excitement about using declarative, idempotent, eventually-consistent and self-healing model. Often we demo Config Connector to platform teams. Platform teams are responsible for spinning up infrastructure for multiple … Read more

Creating Policies for GCP resources

Creating policies for GCP resources

In the last several posts we explored building configurations with Config Connector. Config Connector is a Kubernetes extension that enables managing Google Cloud resources. It allows you to use Kubernetes resource model: declarative, idempotent, eventually consistent. In this post we’ll discuss Gatekeeper – open policy agent for Kubernetes. Using Gatekeeper you can create policies for … Read more

Why Kubernetes Config Connector?

Config Connector extension for Kubernetes

In the last several posts we focused on various Kubernetes Config Connector use cases. We configured WordPress site running on Kubernetes, powered by Google Cloud MySQL database. Additionally, we explored multi-cluster ingress. In this post, I would like to step back to discuss some of the benefits of using Kubernetes Config Connector. And if you … Read more

Load Balancing with Config Connector: MCI part 3

Configuring load balancing with Config Connector

In the first part of the post on multi-cluster ingress, we covered simpler options of exposing your cluster to receive external traffic: ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer, Ingress. In the second part we proceeded to create regional clusters spanning multiple zones. This final post will focus on adding the load balancing resources using Config Connector. This will … Read more